Healthy Kinder Lunch


Lunch / Snacks

Water Bottles

Milk and Water

Milk will be available for children to drink throughout the session if they request it.

Water bottles

Please bring a water bottle containing water only clearly labelled with your child’s name on it for each kinder session.  Children will be offered water to drink if they forget to bring their own water bottles.

her, the children bring their own coats or parka.  Please remember to label all clothing and personal items that are likely to be taken off.  i.e. Jumpers, coats, hats, and bags.   Also, remember to include extra clothing in your child’s bag, which is weather appropriate, should your child become soiled or get wet during play.

We are a Safety focused Practice

  • We believe that, all accidents can be prevented and safety is an integral part of everyone’s job. We support this through our whole kindergarten environment.
  • Child Safe Standards guide our practice to acting in the best interests of children and keeping them safe all the time.